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appointment for meeting for giving suggestions for improvement of police system


Sh Manohar Lal Ji,
Chief Minister , Haryana.

Sub appointment for meeting for giving suggestions for improvement of police system.

Read in newspapers that You Had invited suggestions from public for improving the Police system in Haryana.First of all I congratulate you for ordering that F.I.R can be registered at any Police station but will be investigated in concerned Police station.
I am reporting activities of Haryana Police for last forty years.During last two decades police force has been politicized and criminalized and become corrupt.

I don,t know whether your new intelligence chief has informed you that during last decade police officers were patronizing land mafia, sand mafia and stone mafia in the state in utter violations of court orders.

As i had earlier written in social media seeing some police officers cleaning the Police stations that this job can be done by sweepers and for reforming the police major surgery is needed.I am presently working on my book 'inside story of Haryana Police' which will cover every aspect since Haryana became separate state .

This one is to request You to give me appointment so that I can give my suggestions in larger interest of State.Appointment could be fixed at Delhi.

I could be intimated at my mobile no 8882828301.or at my email 



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